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Best Shop Online Selling Dumps Track 1/2 With Pin !

- Track1+Track2+PIN.
- Daily update.
- Lowest prices at a stuff of such quality.
- Replace lost/stolen/hold/card error/call
- Replace if the card balance is less than $1,000
- Balance > 1,000 - 100,000 EUR/USD
- Refunds
- Support 24/7


-- PRICE --

-US Track1-Track2-PIN - 60$
-CA Track1-Track2-PIN - 80$
-EU Track1-Track2-PIN - 100$
-BR Track1-Track2-PIN - 80$
-AU Track1-Track2-PIN - 80$
-UK Track1-Track2-PIN - 100$
-CHINA Track1-Track2-PIN - 80$

We Accept Payment Via : Bitcoin - WebMoney - Western Union

Support manager shop (English)
Please contact :
ICQ ID : 684523892
Email : Kiemcom99
Yahoo : Chim_ThaiLan
reliabledumps52 (28/08/2016, 12h05)
Hello everyone
We sell fresh and high quality dumps track 1/2 with pin and Cvv Fullz Info
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We wanna present automated secure dumps shop service with good price
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My shop dumps have US/UK/AU/CA/EU/CHINA etc… and Cvv fullz info US UK AU CA EU CHINA valid 97% and good price
Welcome all customer to my shop dumps online and Cvv fullz with high balance
Our Service Is Very Fast And Safe And immediate .
Best Shop Online Selling US UK CA EU CHINA Dumps Track 1/2 With Pin And Fullz Cvv
-Cvv FUll info
-Dumps + PIN
-Daily update
-Replace Card Error, Expired Card , not valid..
-Refunds money if dumps die
-Contact support for get the discount if you buy in bulk
-Fund more 300$ once will receive bonus and uprage VIP member
-Support 24/7
My shop dumps online payment via Bitcoin
BTC fully automatic funding implemented!
After 3 confirm from our side you will be funded balance in your account
WE also accept payment via Western Union(WU) and Perfect Money(PM)
ICQ : 668859870
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badbr101 (16/11/2018, 11h14)
--video d+p

Hello Dear user CHIPDARKNET. You are welcomed by the service

Membrane skimmers
Gsm skimmers

Big Update of RUSSIAN/USA/EU/WORLD dumps+pin. Valid rate 97-99%
Minimum of 5 Data
- Selling mixed 1xx or 2xx codes;
- 100 tracks BULK 1xx cost $10,000; 1(1xx)=$500; 1(2xx)=$300;
- Replacing within 6 hours, invalid tracks only(videos+receipt mandatory);
- Accepting cashiers with $5000+two vouchers deposit from Mafiozosmafaz,irc,xxxxx

Registration is limited for 2 weeks only, $5000 first deposit and will be credited into account to purshase After payment you get your personal link to log in and Port. thanks.
Personal link,port+user+pass will be provided to only you.


Personal link,port+user+pass
will be provided to only you.

Account valid for 1 user only, sharing account be blocked


04 APRIL 2018 USA massachusetts,new hampshire UPDATE %90 VALID RATE

90% approval rate
checker results :

- Selling mixed 1xx or 2xx codes;
- 100 tracks BULK 1xx cost $10,000; 1(1xx)=$500; 1(2xx)=$200;
- Replacing within 6 hours, invalid tracks only(videos+receipt mandatory);

Feedbacks and reviews:

Best d+p updates and tools

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Base Barflozm25. Was updated with 1.2k dumps ,200pcs T1T2T3+PIN .good approval Rate, No replace for this super Base.!!

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