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stsivajaya (09/06/2012, 17h52)
there is no mathematics higher than truth. pi is an approximation of truth but truth is not relative but it is ever absolute. how could pi be restricted to 3.141592653...and we are still enchanted by the elongation of the tail of pi than to be annoyed by the malfunction of pi. why we are not in a position to to relate by to 360 degrees but we are satisfied by the irrationality and transcendent attributed to it by the giants of mathematics. pi is not a mathematical constant but it explains the relationship between space and time. its quantum goes more than that of Archimedes himself--22/7 the decimal equivalent of 3.142857142....
Are we here to accept majority to lose truth? why should not we reconstitute pi as we are in a highly scientific age calling for accuracy in all avenues of discovery? Let us put the ball of pi in our (not others court) court.
Ahmed Ouahi, Architect (09/06/2012, 20h38)
Whether along a sphere definitely should be obtained
V=(pid/4)³ along the way V=d/2.S/3 along which could

Therefore S would the sphere surface be which would
Equal to a 4 d²(1-3/14) be otherwise 22/7 d² obtained
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