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Pentcho Valev (10/03/2007, 10h37)
Very carefully indeed. At the conference

philosopher Jeremy Butterfield of Cambridge will inform the relativity
cult that the problem with signals travelling faster than light is
difficult. He has just discovered that "the idea that influences
propagate at most as fast as light" can be violated:

Philosophers' main task will be to find the best language to present
the violation. Philosopher Jeremy Butterfield of Cambridge has already
discovered this form of presentation:

: Jeremy Butterfield
"Reconsidering Relativistic Causality": "I discuss the idea of
relativistic causality, i.e. the requirement that causal processes
(signals) can propagate only within the light-cone. After briefly
locating this requirement in the philosophy of causation, my main aim
is to draw philosophers' attention to the fact that it is subtle, and
even problematic, in contemporary physics. For there are scenarios in
which it fails."

Other presentations may be offered and a poll in the relativity cult
will finally determine the best one. In any event, the world should
continue to sing "Divine Einstein" enthusiastically:

Pentcho Valev
Archange (10/03/2007, 17h12)
On 10 mar, 09:37, "Pentcho Valev" <pva> wrote:
> continue to sing "Divine Einstein" enthusiastically:
> Pentcho Valev

No hablar inglés!
La Galère (10/03/2007, 20h35)
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lucien.coste (11/03/2007, 19h20)
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chartreuse verte !
BanRay (12/03/2007, 21h46)
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