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maslov (05/12/2006, 01h16)
La société russe Aviaconversiya (Moscou) réalise des brouilleurs de GPS.

La brochure montre des missiles de croisière US égarés. De toutes façons si
l'on réfléchit bien en cas d'IEM à haute altitude (voir le DVD Les bombes
arc en ciel, Nukes in space, ) les satellites GPS seront
brouillés par des explosions nucléaires spatiales.

Conclusion : on utilisera une bonne vieille carte IGN associée à une
boussole Suunto, Recta ou Silva. La bougie servira la nuit, à défaut une
excellente lampe frontale PETZL.

C'est peut-être pour cela que les photographies du geoportail IGN sont
elles-aussi brouillées (anti-piratage). Cela rappelle la cartographie
soviétique avec ses fausses cartes erronées.

extrait de la documentation en anglais.
The main areas of jammers applications:

- defense of the country and its most important objects from the enemy who
has high precision weapon in

the inventory (winged missiles "Tomahawk", gliding bombs with JDAMS etc.)
and has GPS receivers on fire units (tanks, armed vehicles etc.). The
jammers with both types of antenna for example may be put along frontier of
defended country preventing the precise flights of winged missile "Tomahawk"
to the most important objects or may be put near the most important objects
defending them. For more reliable protection from aggressor jammers could
cover ail the area ofthe country;

- suppression of GPS receivers mounted on ail types ottire units
thatwililead to control oftroops cessation. Aiso it wililead to the
lessening till zero the efficiency of Unmanned Air Vehicle for
reconnaissance and other purposes;

- protection from terrorists using mortars or uncontrollable missiles for
bombardment of important objects which coordinates are known in advance.
Radiating the jammings to the direction of possible mounting of mortars or
missiles will not permit bombardment or launching by ballistic trajectories;

The jammers with directional antenna may be used in the struggle against
contraband of drugs. Light airplanes transporting the drugs from
unmanageable regions can fulfil their flights only with the help of the
GPS/GLONASS users' receivers which permit the pilot to fly to the proper
geographical spot where the liUle landing field is situated and which
geographical coordinates pilot knows. Or he flies from it. Several jammers
being mounted around the unmanageable reg ions and being switched on at
proper time will make these

flights impossible. None of others navigation system can ensure the
necessary accuracy while flying to the desired landing field of little size.

Usage of the jammers will frustrate the meeting of boats, ships in the sea
or on the shore or banks of the rivers, or groups of persons in the jungle.
Such meetings as usual occur on the geographical spots which coordinates are
known to ail of the participants and they use the GPS/GLONASS receivers to
reach this spot. Directing the jammers' radiation to the chosen region and
covering it by jamming such meetings will became hard-to-reach. .

The mass of the firstvariantjammer unit is -12,5kg, its dimentions
are -245x235x185mm. The mass ofthe second variant jammer unit is -6,Okg, its
di mentions are -200x200x150mm. Operational temperature diapason of both
variants is - 1 OC+ 50C. Power supply electrical net 220V 50Hz. Power
consumption of the first variant is less than 250W and of the second variant
is less than 1 OOW. Jammers can operate in soit fog and 100% humidity.

Jammer complete set of delivery consists of:

- jammer unit;

- directional and omnidirectional antennas. Set of delivery of the first
jammer variant includes two

directional with -6-8dB gain (including losses in UHF cable) and two
omnidirectional antennas with -1 dB gain (including losses in UHF cable).
Set of delivery of the second variant includes one antenna of both types.
ffitennas are supplied by UHF cables. Ole end of the cable is connected to
antenna and the other end has a UH F socket for connection with jammer unit.

- power supply cable for electrical net of alternating current and voltage
220V 50Hz with socket for

connection with jammer unit on one side and with a plug on the other side.

- technical description with operational manual.

For power supplies from accumulator in the set may be included transformer
from DC to AC with 220V


Jammer can operate in any orientation in the space.

Delivering of GPS/GLONASS Jammers may be provided by AVIACONVERSIYA Ltd.
directly to the purchaser. Aiso it may be organized the screwdriving
assembling in the country of purchaser


Russia 125009 Moscow Tverskaya str. 27-2 of .88

tel/fax. (+7-095) - 299-54-54, E-mail: aviaconversiya

nota : les horloges atomiques des satellites GPS ne contiennent pas de
maslov (05/12/2006, 01h17)

"maslov" <skorniakov> a écrit dans le message de news:
ada001y (21/01/2014, 05h32)
Le mardi 05 Décembre 2006 à 00:16 par maslov :
> tel/fax. (+7-095) - 299-54-54, E-mail: aviaconversiya
> nota : les horloges atomiques des satellites GPS ne contiennent pas de
> polonium.

Phone abuse blocking and anti tracking privacy protection jamming devices
affordable and reliable for wide frequency to enhance security and privacy
gps blocker jammer
nacessed (02/04/2019, 12h17)
Le mardi 05 Décembre 2006 à 00:16 par maslov :
> tel/fax. (+7-095) - 299-54-54, E-mail: aviaconversiya
> nota : les horloges atomiques des satellites GPS ne contiennent pas de
> polonium.

Les brouilleurs GPS peuvent être achetés sur Internet et vont de la taille d’un
petit allume-cigare à une valise, avec une portée de quelques mètres à quelques
centaines. Vous pouvez acheter des brouilleurs combinés qui bloquent également
les téléphones mobiles, le tout pour quelques centaines de dollars.
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